5 responses to “Learning Arabic for Beginners – Myths and Misconceptions”

  1. Anna

    I agree with you: learning Arabic is difficult, but not impossibile. You should be like an athlete: you should do some exercises every day so at least you become familiar with the alphabet, broken plurals, dictionary. Maybe the most difficult thing, in my opinion, is the pronunciation: you have to practice it for years with native speakers to reach a good level!

  2. Caroline

    #2 is true, but even the educated Arabs here in Saudi find it more comfortable/convenient to speak English rather than MSA. I’ve literally had Arabs (Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis) giggle when they realise than they need to speak MSA for me to understand them (I’d describe my level as lower intermediate)!

    Congratulations on the website, the design is stunning! May I suggest you add a feedburner email subscription option, some people (i.e. me!) find it easier to get blog updates delivered to their inbox. Looking forward to more posts!

  3. K

    A good Arabic teacher, native or not, should be able to give you rules that cover 90% of the broken plurals, and you will just have to memorize the remaining 10%.

    I’m intrigued could you elaborate on this?


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