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  1. 3aaleeyah

    I do believe the word you seek is Fisher

  2. 3aaleeyah

    this word ضد means :
    opposite contrary contrast converse antonym against opposed to anti- counter- contra ضِدُّ الحَرِيقِ أو النَّار fireproof ضِدُّ الرَّصَاص bulletproof ضِدُّ الماء waterproof

  3. Ali

    Hey Linda, love the new site haven’t checked it in a while 🙂

    If you post the whole transcript I might be able to help! But from reading just that sentence it definitely feels out of context.

  4. Ali

    Opps sorry just saw the article. I think they are meaning “الصّياد”, trying to convey the meaning of “targeted” war or “far-reaching” war.

    ” الهدف من الهجوم على ما يبدو إرسال رسالة للحكومة اليمنية تُقرأ في إطار ملاحقة صنعاء وحربها الصياد ضد تنظيم القاعدة”
    and the goal of the attack, it seems, is to send a message to the Yemeni government with regards to its pursuit and war against Al Qaeda.

    I think it is very sloppy writing to be honest, they should have just used ” وحربها ضد تنظيم القاعدة “. I was trying to think of a better substitute word but my strong grasp of the Arabic language is slowly diminishing…

  5. Nandakumar

    Greetings from Chennai – India

    This is Nandan from Chennai, a 46 years old man hailing from the south Indian state of Kerala, currently working with a TAMIL daily newspaper published from Chennai..

    I am learning spoken Arabic these days, with a view to be an interpreter to help patients coming from the middle east … a job for me and a help for the needy !

    Thanks for the video – transcript.. it helps me a lot to understand the dialect

    Thank you

    hope to hear from you soon

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