One response to “My 2 cents on Yemen and its revolution”

  1. Karson


    Thanks for your take on the situation. It does give some heart to those thinking that Yemen is in for a long haul of pain. Maybe not, then. Or, at least, maybe at the end things will be better. I was a bit surprised to hear about Tawakkol Karman. Good points on Qatar, but many nations / actors who intervene rarely plan for the follow-on to the “change” they create (i.e., US in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, again in the 2000’s) I look forward to a chance to visit Yemen again, so you have given me some hope I can expect to do it soon.

    Have fun, use your time there well, and I hope your friends and the many other Yemenis can look forward to an improvement (soon) in their condition.

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