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9 responses to “Bilingual Parallel Texts for Language Learning – French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, and Japanese”

  1. Claire

    great work by posting this…thanks.

  2. Atza

    I use Nova text aligner to make my own parallel texts,it is about 10 times easier and faster than using word in column layout and best of all it can export in ebook formats to read on kindle and other ebook readers:

  3. Matt

    Take a look at , a website that uses parallel texts to teach languages. The texts on there line up sentence-by-sentence with the audio, so it would work well for this method.

  4. Martin

    thanks for posting here link with many parallel translations of French. I can learn now much more – not all the time doing translation work in order to understand what i am reading listening cause i am beginner. Take care!

  5. hawre kurd

    Thank you very much.
    I’ve been looking for such a thing for almost a week. Finding the desired material when learning a second language is always backbreaking.


    my daughter is learning french language in the college. over here we do not have access to bilingual books to keep in touch with the newly learned language. your site is one of the sources i use to keep afresh with french.
    thank you for your contribution.

  7. Andrew

    Thanks a ton! I’ve been looking for this kind of thing for ages.

  8. Beate

    @Dario, a little late but if you are still looking for parallel texts with German:

    I created some parallel text books by myself. They are aligned sentence by sentence. For some of the texts free audio is available. You can find the texts here: There is even one trilingual book available (some others comming soon). Best regards

  9. angela g

    Anyone know how / where I can get a copy of the Spanish transcripts for Penton Overseas’ Immersion Plus? have the audio from my local library but no transcript. Tried to contact Penton directly but IF I found their website, not hopeful anyone will respond to the msg I left there.

    And if you know of similar resources in Spanish, Spanish audio plus text in both English and Spanish, please let me know. Thanks.

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